“Say Again?” – Headset Review: Quiet Technologies Halo

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Quiet Technologies Halo

Quiet Technologies Halo The Quiet Technologies Halo headset is an in-ear passive noise reduction headset which uses standard audiology ear tips for noise attenuation. Its design is simple: Two small hearing-aid style speakers and a flexible microphone boom are attached to an adjustable headband, the speakers are connected to the ear tips using silicone sound tubes (so you aren’t constantly manipulating wires inserting and removing them), and a volume control wheel and Stereo/Mono switch are provided on the headset cable.

For a relatively simple headset the Halo is surprisingly capable: noise attenuation is better than the standard David Clark over-ear passive headsets, and based on my limited testing it was equal to the Bose A20 ANR headset (and far superior when the batteries failed in the Bose). Audio quality is good – though the speakers aren’t “audiophile quality” listening equipment they are more than adequate for ATC and intercom conversations, and will do a respectable job with any music you might be playing through you intercom system (the quality of your intercom will probably be the limiting factor).

As an added advantage over traditional over-the-head headsets, the Halo is extremely light, and  can also be worn in multiple positions, so you don’t have to have a headset band across the top of your head for the entire flight.

There are a few disadvantages to the Halo, the most obvious being that it’s an in-ear headset. If you are not comfortable wearing earbuds or earplugs, this is probably not the right headset for you! If you’re OK with the idea of an in-ear headset, you will notice that the Halo takes a little practice and fiddling to get the best results. Proper insertion of the ear tips is critical to getting good noise reduction (so critical that there is a video on how to properly insert them), and this may require a little practice on your first few flights. The microphone is also particularly sensitive to orientation – you must ensure that the microphone opening is facing your lips or it will not pick up your voice (when the wind screen is on the microphone you can do this by feel).

You will probably also find that the Halo’s weight advantage is also a weakness: The headset is so light that even with the headband properly adjusted, a good tug on the cord can pull it off your head or move the microphone position. This makes the included clothing clip on the cable a must-use item (I’ve had my best results by clipping it to my collar, or to the seatbelt if I’m not wearing a collared shirt – pull a few inches of cable through to allow you to turn your head comfortably and you won’t even notice it).

Manufacturer Quiet Technologies
Model Halo
Price (USD) $359
Noise Reduction 30-45dB (Passive)
Stereo Yes
Music Input No
Bluetooth No


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  • Vaibhav Sharma says:

    If anyone placed an order for QT halo recently, please confirm if it was delivered.

    I’ve placed an order in the last week of March and still waiting for shipping details. Phil emailed initially encouraging me to place an order. When he realised that I’ve placed an order already, emails stopped. Never heard from him again except when I asked for cancellation of order, Phil says order was shipped in first weekweek of April. No replies to my query about the shipping details.

    Are they genuine? I’m sure the order hasn’t left their warehouse yet and after this comment, whatever leaves for me will be defective

    Should I regret not choosing the mainstream manufacturers?


    • Matthew Kosmoski says:

      Phil is a good guy. Normally when he ships, they’re to you within days. If he says they shipped, they shipped. Ask for a tracking number.

  • Gary Crowder says:

    Matthew, did you read his post? “No replies to my query about the shipping details.”

    Seems to me, if it were actually shipped the 1st week of April, and it had not gotten there by June 9, something is really wrong.

    Phil may be a good guy, but getting a new aviation business going can be tough. A close friend told me he visited the Quiet Tech booth at Oshkosh, and demoed the product. Tried to buy one, but said they were out of stock, which is also what their web site says today, Sept 11, 2016.

  • Nicolas says:

    Hi! Did you received any item now or answer! I wanted to buy this headset also at Sun n Fun but they were out of stock as well! I think he is working in small quantities but I don’t understand why if the success is at the door!?

  • W H Dollaway says:

    Well thanks for the review. But frankly I suggest you forget this company, provider and product. I have tried to buy a pair of these for months now. They never have stock, which is ridiculous. So I emailed the owner and was told I was put on a wait list to order and would be contacted. Six weeks later, I was contacted while I was out of the country for work and given 24 hours to place my order or would be bypassed and not able to order the color I wanted. This is like dealing with a school bully. I will be looking elsewhere to a professional provider to fulfill my needs. All this trouble to purchase I can’t imagine what happens if service is required.

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